Macie Trapani: Hair Artist


VC: Why did you choose your career path in beauty?

“I’ve always had a passion for creating but more importantly making people feel better about themselves. We all have our own insecurities so being apart of uplifting others and giving them 2-3 hours of my attention to solely create something that enhances their natural beauty,  gives me so much joy. Everyone deserves to feel beautiful in the skin they have been given. Bonus – I really love people so being able to interact with people of all different backgrounds is so fulfilling.”

VC: What is your favorite part of your career?

Macie: “The people I meet. I thrive on the interaction between people & learning more about their livelihoods. I really love learning about anyone & everyone.”

VC: What keeps you inspired you within your artistry?

Macie: “Being around other people who are passionate about the same things I am. I also love watching videos and webinars on techniques. I am a visual learner.”

VC: What is your favorite era of beauty?

Macie: “The 20’s. I love the era where women were so bold in their fashion choices but also so very classic & sultry. I also love a good red lip!”

VC: Is there someone within the beauty, fashion, and/or art industry that you admire or that influences your work? If yes, then who and why?

Macie: “I personally love Kaitlyn Brown. She is the queen of styling and I love her aesthetic. Her energy radiates so much positivity and uplifting. I love her how to’s & her encouragement that she gives through her social media platforms.”

VC: What is your favorite type of beauty look to create?

Macie: “I love anything messy, undone, textured and very whimsical. I love creating looks based off the shape of the head and how the clients hair moves to create a organic look. Also, braids are always the right answer!”

VC:How would you describe your work or the style of your work?

Macie: “I think my work is fun and unique. My hope to others, when they see a style, I’ve created is to feel the “fun” energy I have put into creating it.”

VC: Which look have you created or which event have you been a part of, that makes you the most proud in your career so far?

Macie: “I LOVED the look I created for one of my brides in 2019. I will never forget the day she came in for her trial and showed me her inspiration pictures. Although I had never tried her desired hairstyle before, I was up for the challenge. Her hair was AMAZING the day of the wedding. I don’t like to toot my own horn, but the style she chose was so unique that it was so fun to create and we nailed it. Everyone in the bridal suite was in awe of how different it was from most bridal looks.”

VC: What product(s) or tool(s) could you not work without?

Macie: “I love my redken texture powder & ALLLL my Kenra hairsprays. I can’t create any look with either of these.”

VC: What steps do you take to ensure your artistry is always refined and current?

Macie: “I am always eager to work on styles that take me outside of my comfort zone to ensure that brides always get the best service and are happy when they book with me. I love learning new techniques from other artists to help me grow my strengths.”

VC: What is one piece of advice that you would give to a bride-to-be, in regards to choosing her beauty look?

Macie: “I try to remind the client that this is their day, no one else’s. Choose a style or have a couple of styles in mind that they naturally gravitate too that they feel like matches what their overall look is. What they choose on their wedding day should ultimately reflect who they  are. I’m all for breaking the bridal rules and doing something totally outside the box as long as it makes the client feel amazing!”

VC: What does it mean to you to be a Vigilante Artist?

Macie: “Being a Vigilante Artist to me, means to be a well rounded artist, professional, ready to take on any challenge & to have a kind and encouraging spirit.”

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