Wedding Day Preparation

Wedding Day Preparation



• Drink Up! Increase your water intake, and decrease intake of alcoholic beverages and salty food. This will help with undereye puffiness, and lackluster skin color.
• Clean your skin every evening with a gentle cleanser, and make sure all makeup is removed before bed. This helps prevent clogged pores and breakouts.
• Regularly moisturize your skin after cleansing.
* We do not recommend trying new skincare products before the wedding, this will prevent any potential breakouts or allergic reactions.


• Eyebrow wax / Threading / Tweezing should be done at least 5 days before the big day to ensure that any possible breakouts or reaction from hair removal has had ample time to heal and ensure makeup will properly adhere.
• If electing to spray tan, we recommend that you do this 3-4 days prior making sure to thoroughly exfoliate before doing so to ensure even application. It's also a good idea to test run spray tanning to ensure there are no unwanted tones or spray tanning allergies.


• We recommend showering the night before to prevent any delays in the makeup and hair timeline.
• Arrive with skin freshly cleansed, and avoid any heavy moisturizers.
• Arrive with your hair clean and dry. If you have fine hair, we recommend applying a root lifting spray or small amount of mousse at the root to damp hair and blow drying in. If you have natural curls, we recommend using a curl defining serum or cream, and letting hair air dry.


We recommend tie front robes, wide neck t-shirts / tank tops, or low collar button up shirts for all bridal party members receiving services. This will ensure that the clothing does not interfere with hairstyling or makeup when it's time to change into formalwear.
Helpful Tips: Wear loose fitting undergarments to prevent bra strap lines, and remove watches and ponytail holders from wrists - trust us, your photographer will thank you!