Abria Morton | Makeup Artist

Abria Morton | Makeup Artist


Abria Morton

Makeup Artist

"Your Skin is Your True Foundation." - Abria

Welcome to the artful world of Abria Morton, where your skin’s natural beauty meets the transformative power of makeup. As a seasoned Makeup Artist and a Licensed Aesthetician, Abria brings a unique understanding of skincare to her makeup artistry. She believes in enhancing your inherent foundation – your skin – and then artistically complementing it with makeup that resonates with your personality.

With a rich experience spanning over a decade in the makeup industry, Abria’s skills in technique and style are unparalleled. Her journey includes an additional three years dedicated to skincare, equipping her with the expertise to create any look you envision. Having honed her craft at renowned brands like MAC Cosmetics and Sephora, she possesses in-depth knowledge of the finest products and techniques to ensure impeccable execution of your chosen style.

Abria’s artistic expression is characterized by its iridescent and luminous qualities, always highlighting a feature that stands out brilliantly. Ready for a makeup experience uniquely tailored to you?
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Specialties: Bridal Makeup

Style: Glam | Snatched

In My Kit: MAC | Dior | Charlotte Tilbury | Patrick Ta | Rare Beauty | Danessa Myricks | One Size | Sephora Brand | Juvia’s Place 

Bridal Makeup